Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Let He Who Is Without Sin Send The First Jolt Of 50,000 Volts Through The Condemned Criminal

An eye for an eye? Yes I know it says that in the old testament - but what about the ridiculous number of examples of Jesus preaching and showing forgiveness and mercy? It also states very clearly in the ten commandments that thou shall not kill*.

How often do you hear of preachers of all christian denominations speaking of God's mercy, how he will forgive all of us sinners (especially if your catholic) if we repent? And yet at the same time you hear people saying - they deserve to die for what they did.

There is also the hypocrisy (yes, there is that word again for regular readers) of using God's Will as an argument against euthanasia/abortion/contraception etc etc but going ahead and executing someone, or does God sign and date the execution order?

*leave pacifists alone for now, they wont fight back and there are plenty of arguments around self defense that would cloud the issue I'm trying to discuss.